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An igniter is a key part of a gas water heater. When there is an issue with it, there will probably be no warm water at all.

The igniter essentially lights the heater and is initiated by the thermocouple.

When a heater won’t light it is not always due to a faulty igniter, there are a number of reasons why a gas heater may not light. This can be due to an issue with the pilot light or a dirty thermocouple.

Like with many engineered appliances, it is important for a gas water heater to have regular servicing to prevent problems occurring.

If a heater is found to need a replacement igniter, our collection at Direct Brand should contain a suitable one for your requirements. Whether it is for plumbing, pellet stoves and wood stoves or something else.

It is useful to get to grips with the different types of igniters which are as follows:

  • Forced heat
  • Furnace
  • Gas
  • Pellet stove
  • Remote

Igniters are a reliable means of starting a system and can generally be relied upon in a gas heater to initiate the hot water.

When an igniter is faulty though, it often needs fixing as soon as possible. Direct Brand stock a decent selection of genuine replacements and offer a prompt dispatch and delivery service.

Browse our selection of igniters below, it is important to select one that is compatible with the system so that it operates at the correct voltage.