Control Boards

Control Boards

Control Boards

The control board is an essential part of an electric water heater. The function of the control board is to monitor the water temperature in the heater and control the heating element.

Electric water heaters are great bathroom plumbing parts. Loads of families like to have one in their bathroom to heat their shower water. This is because the water temperature in the shower stays the same, even when somebody puts the kitchen tap on, for example.

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Why? Because the water is coming for a separate water heater to the main warm water supply to the property. Therefore, when the warm tap is turned on in the kitchen, the shower is not affected as it is not in the engineering of the home’s main system of plumbing parts.

Due to their isolated working nature, electric water heaters are also popular for modern motorhomes, enabling travellers to have a hot shower in their mobile home whilst they are away.

While a water board heater is a practical solution to providing warm water, when there is a fault with the control board, it is imperative that the issue is fixed so not to cause extremely hot water or very cold water.

Very hot water can be damaging to the skin. Keep on top of the control board function to avoid any burns or scalds.

If you are experiencing very hot water or freezing cold water coming from your water heater supply, and you have reset the system with no improvement, if may be that the control board needs replacing.

Direct Brand stock like-for-like replacement control boards from Atwood to keep water heaters working as efficiently as possible. No one really likes a cold shower after all!