Plumbing Accessories

Plumbing Accessories

Plumbing Accessories

When carrying out any plumbing repair or service, there will be some essential accessories in the engineer’s kit, no matter what the problem is that they are working on.

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  1. PLBREDG PE1115 Radiator Handle Fit All Valve
  2. FANTECH PB110L7 Bathroom Fan 120V, 1 PH, 110 CFM, 7W LED Light, 4" Duct
  3. PLBREDG PE906 radiator valve 1/8. Steam Angle
  4. PLBREDG PE8610 Repair Tool 3-in1 Radiator
  5. PLBREDG PE883 radiator valve 1/8. Steam Angle
  6. PENSOTTI V71510Q radiator Water panel 24 H X 32 L
  7. PLBREDG PE952 radiator key- hot
  8. PLBREDG PE885 radiator valve 1/8. Steam Angle
  9. PENSOTTI V71110Q radiator Water panel 24 H X 32 L
  10. PLBREDG PE970 Air Valve Automatic Hot Water Heating System
  11. PENSOTTI A40400A sump pump water alarm
  12. JOMAR 810-504G water heater Valve Kit 3/4 600 WOG
  13. COPTUBE DY06050 Gas Pipe 3/8 In x 50 Ft Coated Copper
  14. Canplas 1733820 Endura 3950A04 Grease
  15. EZROUTE P01-06 plumbing PEX organizer 6 Loop
  16. Gerber 41-510 Drain? Pvc Trip Lever Waste Assembly 1-1/2 In
  17. LIBERTY HCV150 sump pump cast iron Check Valve, 1-1/2"
  18. Canplas 1368304 3950A03-S Endura 50Gpm
  19. Canplas 1506663 Endura 3935Ax6 6" Riser
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These include:

Wrenches - for pipes or basins.

Spanners - because there are many plumbing systems and many sizes of fitting, adjustable tools are essential.

Cutters - for water pipes of all materials and sizes, as well as waste pipes.

Pipe benders - some metal pipes can be bent to follow a particular route, saving money, time and materials.

Blowtorch - pipes and fittings from an end feed system will need heating in order to make a soldered connection. Additional accessories needed for these soldered joints include:

  • Wire wool or brush
  • Rags - some of them wet
  • Solder
  • Flux
  • Safety eyewear
  • Fire blanket or barrier
  • Fire extinguisher

Without proper consideration, a plumber could have a van full of tools and accessories, yet still find they don’t have the right item for a repair or service.

The list of plumbing accessories is probably infinite, but her are few other essentials which might not have been considered:

Maintenance hole (or manhole) cover lifters - some covers have been down so long they will need specialist tools to lift them.

Plunger, also known as a plumber’s helper - for helping shift those unwelcome blockages in the plumbing system.

Drain or sewer rods - a series of rods which screw together to send down a blocked drain or sewer to clear blockages.

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