Pellet and Wood Stove Blower Motors

Pellet and Wood Stove Blower Motors

Top quality pellet stove blower motors at the lowest prices guaranteed! Why pay too much for your blower motor? We offer all the top brand replacement parts and next day delivery options, so you get your parts when you need them most. With over 19 years of experience selling parts, we know which parts to sell you and can assist you during the order process via our USA based customer support center. 

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  1. Avalon 250-00527 Pellet Stove Motor Exhaust Combustion Blower
  2. Avalon 250-00588 Pellet Stove Convection Fan Blower
  3. Avalon 99300170 Pellet Stove Motor Burnpot Ss
  4. Breckwell Pellet Stove Convection/Combustion Blower Fan Replacement Part # A-E-033
  5. Buck PESBR084 Pellet Stove Blower Motor 115V/60Hz 3000 Rpm
  6. Dayton 1TDN7 blower motor 115V/60Hz 1Tdn7
  7. -25%
    Dayton 1TDR2 Blower Motor 115V
    Special Price $90.00 was $120.00
  8. Dayton 1TDT8 Pellet Stove Blower Motor 115V 60Hz 2 Speed
  9. Englander AC-16 Pellet Stove Blower Motor
  10. Englander PU-076002B Pellet Stove Blower Exhaust
  11. Englander PU-4C442 Pellet Stove Convection Blower
  12. Englander PU-4C447 Pellet Stove Blower Convection
  13. -25%
    Englander Stove & Gasket Cement 3 fl oz Silicon Sealant
    Special Price $7.50 was $9.99
  14. Enviro 50-1901 Pellet Stove Blower Motor Exhaust
  15. Enviro 50-2481 Pellet Stove Cross Blower Motor 115V/60Hz
  16. Enviro EF-002 Pellet Stove Convection Blower Motor Rpm: 3000
  17. Fasco A079 Blower Motor Draft Inducer 115V A079
  18. Fasco A090 Blower Motor Draft Inducer 115V A
  19. Fasco A129 Blower Motor Draft Inducer 115V
  20. Fasco A134 Blower Assembly 1/18 Hp 115V A134
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Pellet & Wood Stove Blower Motors

A wood or pellet burning stove, when fitted with a blower fan, can become a space heater for the room it is in. In some models the blower might have the additional function of keeping the electrical components of the stove from overheating. On some stoves, particularly wood burners, the part may be an optional add on. 

If the appliance isn’t working at all, failing to turn off or making an unhealthy amount of noise, the motor may need replacing.

Before calling an engineer, or ordering a new motor, it is worth checking that the problem isn’t something much simpler. 

The fan may just be obstructed. Very carefully, with all power disconnected, attempt to inspect the fan. Remove any obvious debris and brush out any build up with a paint brush.

Also, it is worth checking that power is reaching the unit. Make sure that you’ve checked that a fuse hasn’t blown too. Beyond this, the blower will need to be bench tested to identify the fault. Unless you are confident, accomplished and have the right equipment, a qualified engineer should now be called to diagnose the fault.

Your engineer can quickly establish whether there is an electrical supply problem, or if the fault lies elsewhere.

If the blower is thermostatically controlled, the thermostat or heat sensors may be malfunctioning. Possibly just this component may need replacing, or even simply cleaning. 

More often than not, a failure to operate is catastrophic for the blower motor and it needs replacing.

The same applies to an overly noisy motor, very often a symptom of dry, worn bearings. Motors are sealed units and this would therefore mean a replacement needs to be ordered.

There are many styles and manufacturers of pellet burning stoves and a huge range of blowers to accompany them. Here at Direct Brand we stock blower motors for all of the leading brands including, Whitfield, Harman, International Comfort, Avalon and Englander.

Direct Brand offer excellent value and fast delivery on replacement parts for pellet burning stoves. We are proud of our online support and worldwide shipping options.