HVAC Parts & Accessories

HVAC Parts And Accessories

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the general term for a product designed to keep an indoor climate-controlled and comfortable. There are many types of HVAC systems, each with a lot of parts and accessories. 

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Direct Brand has a huge range of quality, genuine replacement parts for whichever type you have. The most common are:

Standard Split Systems
These will be configured to suit the climate where the building is located. A furnace, normally gas-powered, is paired with an air conditioner condensing unit which will be mounted outside. The warmer the climate, the higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating an air conditioning unit will need to have. In very cold climates, both units may be used for heating, rather than air conditioning. Ductless Split (or mini-split) system
Mostly used where space is limited, or there is no existing ducting, the mini-split system can also be installed into an extension to the property. It is not suitable for very cold climates and doesn’t offer the flexibility that a ducted HVAC product
would offer.
It is a great solution though. With one exterior unit forcing treated air to up to four internal units, the mini-split system is economical and efficient.
Packaged Systems 
Suitable where a split system isn’t an option. All the major components are housed within one unit which is mounted outside the building. Far less efficient and prone to wear and tear due to being housed outside, but much quieter within the house.
They may feature a furnace and an air conditioning unit, or be controlled by a heat pump.

With so many configurations, fuel sources and style of HVAC products installed in buildings, a specialist engineer will probably be needed when repairs, installation or alterations are being planned.
There are many characteristics which need to be considered when choosing replacement parts:
Voltage – be sure to check that the component is being controlled at the expected voltage. Your engineer can confirm
Speed – some motor components may be for two speed units.
RPM (Revolutions per minute) – different motors run at a variety of speeds. Our support team at Direct Brand is
always on hand to help you ensure your are ordering the correct part.
Amperage – with so many different HVAC options, thermal qualities and size of HVAC units, the amp rating should
be carefully checked.
Horse Power – sometimes measured in kilowatts, matching the output of a units power is important
when ordering your quality replacement parts.

Some of the most common problems with HVAC which may require replacements from our range of parts and accessories are:
Leaking Refrigerant – the fluids within an air conditioning unit’s coil cool and dehumidify the air for indoors. If air has stopped being cool, the fluid may well be leaking.
Thermostat Failure – before getting too involved in finding a fault in the entire working of the HVAC product, it is worth checking that all of the thermostats are providing accurate information.
Dirty / Clogged Filters – a general lack of maintenance can leave your system working inefficiently or causing components to fail.
Air Imbalance – In HVAC products with dampers in the ducting between rooms, these dampers compensate for different rooms’ climate. If the dampers are not correctly balanced, the system will be operating inefficiently.
Faulty Igniter–  A faulty igniter can lead to complete malfunction. Direct Brand stock the following igniters:

Furnace igniters

Boiler igniters

Hot surface igniters

Universal igniters

Whatever your HVAC requirements, see our range of HVAC accessories and parts above.