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Like any household appliance, an air conditioning unit needs to be regularly serviced and monitored for wear and tear. Planned servicing and maintenance could avoid an expensive new model being needed.

A/C units work in a similar way to a refrigerator, just on a grander scale. Warm air is processed by the unit and transferred from inside to outside of the building.

Something as simple as changing the unit’s filter can prolong its’ life.

Direct Brand supply quality, direct replacement parts for servicing the unit. Components for all of the leading manufacturers are available with quick delivery, cost effective pricing and online support. 

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  1. DiversiTech's CP-22 Condensate Pump 22ft. lift, 120V
  2. DiversiTech's IQP-120 Condensate Pump 0-22ft. lift, 120V - IQP-120
  3. Fenwal 01-017000-300 Hvac Thermostat W/21 Inch Leads -100 To 400 Degree F
  4. GENFILTR 4050 Filter ReservePro 201-12880 OEM MERV 11-Replacement Media Air Cleaner
  5. GENFILTR 4365 air filter Honeywell 20 in
  6. GENFILTR 4366 air filter Honeywell 20 in
  7. GENFILTR 4367 air filter Honeywell 20 in
  8. GENFILTR 4368 air filter Honeywell 20 in
  9. GENFILTR 4521 Filter ReservePro MAC1200 MERV 8-Replacement Cartridge Media Air Cleaner
  10. GENFILTR 6FM1625 air filter ReservePro 4541
  11. GENFILTR 6FM2025 air filter ReservePro 4551
  12. GENFILTR 7902 Filter GA35 Vapor Pad
  13. GENFILTR 990-13 Humidifier general filter
  14. GENFILTR GA10 Humidifier general filter
  15. GENFILTR GA12 Humidifier general filter
  16. HARTELL A2X-1965 Condensate Pump A2X-1965 Plenum Rated
  17. Honeywell T87K1007 boiler thermostat 1 Pack, White
  18. LILGIANT 553455 Condensate pump EC-400 115-volt in-Pan
  19. LILGIANT 553500 Condensate Pump Removal 115V
  20. LILGIANT 554550 Condensate Pump 115 Vac 60 Hz
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Some simple and regular checks to your air conditioning unit can keep the bills down:

  • Check the thermometer, a sticking or failing thermometer could be running the unit inefficiently. 
  • Regularly inspect the ducting, particularly outside, for wear and tear. Replace any worn sections before they fail.
  • Check air vents. Amazingly, air conditioning problems are often caused by blockages of children’s toys or discarded clothing.
  • Ensure the drain line is clear - normally located near the furnace, often in a basement.
  • Visually inspect wiring on a regular basis, any signs of damage or wear will need a visit from an engineer.

Inevitably, no matter how often you inspect your system or clean filters, there will be a time when an air conditioning part fails. Here are the main areas where your system is likely to experience a problem:

Filter - as already mentioned, the filter is key to air conditioning. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for replacement periods.

Thermostat - if the system is not working at all, often the thermostat is the culprit. Check it is powered up, clean and not being affected by direct sunlight before calling in a professional to diagnose a more serious problem.

Leaks - Any leak of refrigerant from the A/C unit will seriously affect the efficiency of its operation. An engineer will be needed to isolate and cure a leak.

Fuses - An engineer will no doubt check the fuses (or breakers) if the air conditioning unit loses power. Whilst they might be a simple fix, a blown fuse will be a symptom of a problem elsewhere. If this is the case then your engineer will need to investigate further.

Compressor - the compressor energises the refrigerant and drives it through the coils for heat exchange. If the compressor isn’t operating correctly, or there is too much (or too little) refrigerant, then the A/C unit will not operate to cool the house.

Coils - there are coils both inside and outside the house. The exterior coils are far more prone to dirt and corrosion and are more likely to need replacement or repair.

Because there are so many components within a system, there are many potential faults that can develop. Whatever problems may occur with your unit, we stock a comprehensive range of quality replacement parts to keep your building cool.

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