Washer Parts

With many households creating at least one load of laundry per day, the average washing machine suffers serious wear and tear. When one of the many serviceable parts fails, a decision will need to be made whether the product would be economical to repair.

Direct Brand stock a full range of washer parts, all of which are like-for-like direct replacements. Fitting one could well be the most budget friendly solution.

We stock parts for a comprehensive list of brands such as G.E. General Electric and Whirlpool.

Our team are always on hand to offer advice on matching up the correct replacement items with the machine being repaired. Contact us with any queries.

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  1. 10296 Plastic Wide Mouth Hood
  2. 10298 Louvered Plastic Hood
  3. 134792700 Electrolux Element, Dryer
  4. 137051400 Electrolux Belt, Drive
  5. 137108000 Electrolux Pump, Washer
  6. 137221600 Electrolux Pump, Washer
  7. 137240800 Electrolux Pump, Washer
  8. 1801A166 Brown Stove Valve, Burner
  9. 1801A167 Brown Stove Valve, Burner
  10. 1802A155 Brown Stove Valve, Safety
  11. 201566P Speedqueen Pump, Washer
  12. 21001906 Whirlpool Pump, Washer
  13. 21002240 Whirlpool Pump, Washer
  14. 2505FFSS Hose, Ss Fill
  15. 279311 Whirlpool Igniter, Dryer
  16. 279570M Whirlpool Latch, Door
  17. 279769 Whirlpool Thermostat, Dryer
  18. 279816 Whirlpool Kit, Thermal Cut Off
  19. 279827 Whirlpool Motor, Dryer
  20. 279838 Whirlpool Element, Dryer
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Even before pressing the start button, there are a number of parts already operating which, as a result, will soon need fixing.  

Slamming the door or heavy handed operation, for example, could soon lead to the need for new door boots or door locks and lid latches. Lid switches are also likely to fail with repeated heavy use.

It would be wise to call an engineer if you suspect any sort of mechanical failure. Even if there is an intermittent problem, an early diagnosis might avoid a much more expensive repair later on.

Major replacements include:

The Motor - Whilst it may, at first, seem that a washer motor failure is terminal, an engineer will be able to establish whether a motor repair is possible.

Drain Pumps - As with all of our products, washer pumps supplied are direct replacements and come with our 12 month guarantee for piece of mind. An engineer will be able to establish whether there is a blockage before committing to changing the pump. 

The Drum - The drum itself is unlikely to fail, it consists of an outer, water tight drum and then the inner drum which has holes and paddles to circulate the laundry and water. We stock a range of parts for repairing the drum if your engineer finds a fault. These include timers and coils. 

Water hose- The hose drains the water. Problems with the hose tend to be due to a blockage.

Knobs- The buttons that operate the machine. The first hurdle with the knobs is working out which ones to press! When they start to malfunction, an engineer may