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Refrigerator & Freezer

Refrigerator and freezer parts

Most homes, in America and worldwide, will own a fridge freezer or separate refrigerator and freezer. In fact, these forms of cooling are essential in various domestic and work environments. You’ll find a refrigerator and freezer in commercial kitchens, as well as other commercial environments, including retail, hospitality and even in some offices.

When a cooler becomes faulty, the issue can lead to food spoilage and is a considerable inconvenience. 

Direct Brand offer a number of genuine replacement parts for fridges and freezers to restore them back to their full working capacity when a serviceable issue arises.

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  1. 2198202 Whirlpool Control, Cold
  2. 2198597 Whirlpool Maker, Ice
  3. 2217220 Whirlpool Pump, I/m
  4. 240351601 Electrolux Bin, Door
  5. 240360906 Electrolux Shelf, Wire
  6. 240369701 Electrolux Motor, Evaporator
  7. 241705102 Electrolux Timer, Defrost
  8. 241798224 Electrolux Maker, Ice
  9. 241872501 Electrolux Gasket, Fz Door
  10. 241872502 Electrolux Gasket, Ff Door
  11. 241872504 Electrolux Gasket, Ff Door
  12. 241872513 Electrolux Gasket, Ff Door
  13. 242219204 Electrolux Motor, Evaporator
  14. 242221501 Electrolux Motor, Auger
  15. 243297606 Electrolux Ice Maker
  16. 32020101 Whirlpool Module, Spark
  17. 40A15 Bulb, Appliance
  18. 41000 Appliance Surge Protector
  19. 4317943 Whirlpool Maker, Ice
  20. 4317943L Whirlpool Maker, Ice
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Find working parts to both cooling appliances in our range. Refrigeration products primarily consist of the following:


The refrigerant is the substance that cools the refrigerator. It starts as gas, travels through the appliance in the form of liquid and is expelled once again as gas. 


The evaporator is the point where the refrigerant is turned from liquid back to gas. Powered by evaporator fan motors, once the liquid is evaporated it is moved onto the compressor. 


The compressor raises the temperature and pressure of the gas form refrigerant and sends it to the condenser. 


The condenser is the area that receives heat which condenses the refrigerant gas to liquid. 

Expansion Valve 

This process then moves to the expansion valve, which is also known as the capillary tube. This keeps the entire appliance cool.