Microwave Parts

There is an eye watering number of microwaves on the market, each with its own set of features. Beneath that array of lights, dials and controls, all microwave appliances all tend to work on the same principles.

Unless you are extremely confident, it is wise to employ the services of a qualified engineer to establish a fault in the product. Once they have found a component which has broken down, it may well be more economical to have the oven repaired rather than jump straight into a new purchase.

Whatever parts may have failed, our stock of genuine replacement parts are available for over 30 different manufacturers, including Daewoo, GE Electrical and Panasonic.

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  1. 10QBP0228 Magnetron
  2. 10QBP0229 Magnetron
  3. 10QBP0231 Magnetron
  4. 10QBP0232 Magnetron
  5. 10QBP0234 Magnetron
  6. 10QBP0259 Magnetron
  7. 10QBP1000 Magnetron
  8. 10QBP1001 Magnetron
  9. 10QBP1003 Magnetron
  10. 10QBP1003K Magnetron
  11. 10QBP1004 Magnetron
  12. 10QBP1006 Magnetron
  13. 14QBP.25GSB20 Fuse
  14. 15QBP1017 GE Motor
  15. 15QBP4235 Whirlpool Motor, Turntable
  16. 18QBP110H Thermostat
  17. 18QBP127H Thermostat
  18. 18QBP138H Thermostat
  19. 18QBP149H Thermostat
  20. 25QBP3779 GE Handle, Door (Black)
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Key to the unit’s workings is the magnetron. A high-powered vacuum tube that generates the actual microwaves. It can fail due to overheating or because of reflected energy.

An engineer will be able to isolate this problem and find a genuine replacement magnetron from our range. We have magnetrons suitable for all watts values, be sure to check the rating of the failed unit.

After a life of daily use, buttons and switches on the appliance may fail. Rather than discarding the whole oven, a simple replacement part could have your food being heated again in no time.

Overly enthusiastic opening and closing of the door may lead to door handles failing. A seemingly mundane part, but essential to getting to your warmed up feast for dinner. You’ll soon be opening and closing the oven again by getting a replacement handle from our extensive range.

Further components to your microwave that may need replacing after wear or breakage are:

Common faults which may develop include:

  • Product does not heat - the most usual cause will be a failure of the magnetron.

  • Microwave runs and then stops - there may be various causes for this, one of which could be the door switch failing, meaning the unit stops as it wrongly senses the door is open.