Dryer Parts

A broken dryer in the laundry room can be a challenge to any household or commercial environment. Dryers may simply fail to turn on, run slowly, switch themselves on and off, or appear to be running whilst failing to dry the clothes. 

Whatever the problem and cause, you’ll be in a hurry get a repair as soon as possible.

Direct Brand stock genuine replacement parts for dryers from a range of manufacturers such as Electrolux, GE Electrical and Samsung. 

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  1. Ge WE1M654 Dryer Timer Knob
  2. Replacement Heating Element Part Number ER137488301
  3. Replacement kit fuse switch Part Number FSWK016
  4. Replacement kit fuse switch Part Number FSWK019
  5. Replacement Top Burner Igniter Part Number ERZ905160154
  6. Whirlpool 4392067 Dryer Dryer Repair Kit
  7. Whirlpool 8544771 Dryer Heater Element - 240V
  8. Whirlpool Pump Motor ER280187MTR
  9. Whirlpool W10717210 Dryer Lint Filter
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Dryers have many mechanical parts as well as a wide range of electrical components so it can be difficult to diagnose the problem. Those who aren’t confident should leave the fault diagnosis to a professional engineer.

Your engineer might find one of the following common faults:

  • When the drum spins but there is no heat - The thermostat may have failed or be faulty. Be sure to have your engineer confirm the thermostat has failed as the problem could also be the fuse, or even a fault with the temperature switch. Confirm the exact part before ordering your replacement.

  • The dryer motor is running but the drum isn’t spinning - in nearly all cases this will have been caused by a broken or worn out belt. Remove the damaged item and contact us for your genuine replacement belt. Other less likely causes of the drum not spinning might be the rollers underneath the drum being worn out or a problem with the motor itself. It could also be a problem with the dryer drum pulleys or couplers. 

  • The machine is getting too hot - whatever the cause, an overheating appliance is dangerous. Allow it to cool before investigating whether this is due to something simple such as the vent being clogged with fluff before contacting an engineer. Heating elements and thermostats can also become faulty which causes temperature issues.

  • The appliance won’t work at all - start by checking that the product hasn’t blown one of the fuses in the household fuse box and that the power supply is on. There may be a fault with one of the control knobs or a failure in one of the switches.

  • Motor failure - the dryer motor works hard over its lifetime and could well wear out or seize up. In this case an engineer will certainly be needed. Your engineer can replace the failed unit from our range of genuine replacement motors. It might be that the motor bearings can be replaced and the motor saved. 

Aside from the appliance failing, there are many parts that may break or wear out. Contact Direct Brand for all your genuine replacement part requirements.