Appliance Parts

Most domestic and business locations require appliances to work well. Over the years, engineered products have taken on more and more load- both at work and at home.

So when something goes wrong with any appliance, perhaps due to complete failure or a certain part not functioning properly, it can cause real hassle. 

In most cases, engineered products can be fixed by replacing a worn or faulty item. And Direct Brand are here to help.

We stock genuine replacement parts for domestic and commercial ovens, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves and washers, refrigerators and freezers. Most can be fitted by DIYers if the problem has been detected, however, it may be that an engineer will be better equipped to fix an issue. 

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No matter what appliance is faulty, all our parts come with a 12-month guarantee and can be fitted in products from most American brands. 

Find replacements for the following:

Broil, Oven & Range 

The oven is at the centre of most kitchens- both at home and in commercial kitchens. Without a working oven, cooking is difficult (or impossible) and that’s why an oven needs fixing as soon as possible.

A number of issues can lead an oven failure. Problems can occur with anything in the appliance. Whether it is a smaller part like the door knob, or a larger one like an oven rack or burner, a direct replacement should get the product back working properly again.

Direct Brand stock genuine parts to fit broils, ovens and ranges from Whirlpool, Maytag, Electrolux and more. 

Find Burners and elements, drip and broil pans, knobs, racks, grates, and more in our range.

Refrigerator and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are complex appliances and, when they fail, can cost companies and households a lot of money. Particularly when food is spoiled.

It is best to catch a worn out part before it fails, which is why regular maintenance is so important.

Many companies must adhere to food safety regulations. After all, food must be stored at the correct temperature in order to avoid causing food poisoning and other harmful effects. Refrigeration appliances should, as a result, be running to a high-quality standard for the safety of consumers and staff. 

And at home? A broken fridge or freezer is not much fun! It means endless running to the corner shop for fresh produce and consuming a lot of canned food.

Direct Brand can provide replacement parts for refrigerators and freezers whether the product is already broken, or if an engineer is replacing it to prevent a future failure.

Find thermostats, door gaskets, water valves and more from Direct Brand. 


Dishwashers are required in busy commercial kitchens to keep up with food hygiene regulations and consumer demand. 

Most people wouldn’t be without one in their home either, especially when hosting family occasions like Thanksgiving. 

Whether at home or at work, when a dishwasher is faulty, it is a huge inconvenience. It can also cause health and safety issues. For example, a faulty dishwasher may become too hot or leak water onto the floor, raising the possibility of burns to the skin, as well as slips and trips. 

Even when a dishwasher is completely out of action, rarely would it be completely broken. Instead, it probably needs a replacement part.

Direct Brand stock genuine parts for a range of dishwashers from different manufacturers, including Bosch and Whirlpool. 

Our products can be fitted by an engineer or DIY guy (if you know what you’re doing!) and offer a budget-friendly solution to fix a faulty dishwasher.


Another popular tool for the kitchen, the microwave is important for cooking both at home and in catering outlets.

In some restaurants, the microwave is the only means of cooking the food. So if it goes wrong and food service stops, the caterer is in for a disaster.

Direct Brand stock various microwave parts to get your microwave fully functioning.

Microwave parts include: Magnetrons, motors, handles, buttons and switches, and more.


There is nothing worse when it comes to doing the laundry to find that your washer has packed up. And because we rely on these machines so often, the washer is put under serious strain, most days.

When the washer is broken, it needs fixing quickly. Direct Brand stock replacement washer parts for various washer brands, like Whirlpool, for example. 

Direct Brand stock motors, drums, drain pumps, water hoses and more in our range of washer parts.


Dryers might not be as crucial as the washer itself but it is still a huge inconvenience when a dryer fails.

Find various dryer parts in our range at Direct Brand, including drums, motors, bearings, belts and more.

Direct Brand are proud to stock genuine replacement parts for various appliances to keep them running efficiently. Our prices are reasonable and delivery times are quick.